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 Entrevista a Tite Kubo (Jump Festa 2010)

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MensajeTema: Entrevista a Tite Kubo (Jump Festa 2010)   Lun Dic 21, 2009 8:53 pm

Report from Jump Festa--Kubo will not confirm Ulquiorra's Death
Thank you to Annie and Syn and Pikeish for the scoop. ステージレポート BLEACH ・今のシリーズはもうすぐクライマックス・元々きっちり構想を練るタイプでないので破面編の結末も具体的には決めていない・でもこの先あと二篇くらい考えてるらしい・次のシリーズは短め、その先の構想はある・ウルキオラの結末は世界的に反響が大きかった・ウルキオラの生死は断言せず・破面で人気があるのは平子とひより・平子はとても描きやすい(絵として) ・昨日もホテルで映画の打合せをした・1年休んだのでいいものを作りたい [info]
pikeish translation: Stage Report: Bleach + The current arc is soon on climax + He's originally not the type to work out a plan, so he still hasn't decided on a concrete end to the arrancar arc. + But from this onwards, he's told them there's to be 2 more arcs. + The next arc is a short one, and there's an initiative for the next one. + There was a large response for Ulquiorra's death around the world. + He didn't declare whether Ulquiorra was alive or not. + The popular ones among the vizards are Hirako and Hiyori + Hirako is really easy to draw (art wise) + There was a meeting yesterday at the hotel reagarding the movie. + I want to create a good one after resting for 1 year And there's more. Cez is checking out the 2CH thread where onwards from post 280 a lot of people are excited about Ulquiorra. I heard Kubo received a letter in Russian that he couldn't read but only saw the katana for Ulquiorra that kept popping up everywhere.

Lo mas importante es:
-La saga arrancar que lleva cuatro años terminara mas o menos en mitad de año de 2010.
-Habran otras 2 sagas.
-La siguiente saga sera corta y sera como una introduccion a la siguiente..
-Se dice algo acerca que no se sabe si Ulquiorra esta vivo o muerto.
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Entrevista a Tite Kubo (Jump Festa 2010)
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